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In the real world, prying eyes read unsecured email

Leave no trace with Evizone messages and documents. Find out how.More info

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Evizone is the strongest commercially available system

To safeguard your communications. Learn more.More info

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Protect team communications in 10 minutes or less

No 1,000-page lifecycle policy manuals or complicated workflow. Download now.More info

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Industry-unique copy, print and screen-shot protection

OS-level hardened client subverts prying eyes. Learn more.More info

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At last, compliance archiving that works for you.

Single sign-on, automation, duplicate handling. Learn more...More info

The strongest commercially available system to safeguard your communications,
in 10 minutes or less.

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What is Evizone?

Evizone Secure Services

Bring security and control to your communications, compliance archiving, discovery management, virtual data room, document repository and customized application services...


How it works

Security First

Industry best copy protection, strong encryption and hardened data services protect your communications, compliance archive, data room or other sources...